Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pink and Green

Happy Saturday, everyone....

I have recently realized how much I like pink and green - both with a nice crisp white, and now with a gentle taupe color as the neutral...  Different, but both wonderful...  By luck, I am working on two pink and green projects:

The first is some fun Lotto blocks for the Sunshine Yahoo Guild...  I think there will be four or five when finished and mailed off!
 And next is my Sally Collins class wall quilt... I had to take one side of  the flying geese off, fix some, euthanize a few, and do a little repair - and I am glad I did...  Now I have added a dark green border - it won't be this wide - just made it wide until I figure out what comes next...then will trim it down to a nice even measurement that I can work with and make some setting triangles, I think...
 This morning was commencement for the Quilting Professor's Day Job... and it was beastly hot - I stood on the stage for two hours shaking student's hands... in heavy academic robes... I could feel myself getting shaky and nausous - by the time it was over I was in full heatstroke...just miserable.

So this afternoon, DH has directed me not to move from the couch with Lifetime Movie Channel going.  But I can still work on the hexagon quilt!!!  I'll be all better tomorrow - another commencement at our branch campus!  Oh well, it's that time of year, and the students are so happy.  I can make it through a few more handshakes. 
Happy Quilting everyone,


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