Monday, June 18, 2012

What Are You Doin, 'xactly?

So today I took a day off from work - and the housecleaning people came this afternoon.  As I generally do when they are here, I hid out in the sewing room... At the end of the cleaning session, my cleaner, Juana, came to the sewing room door to say good bye...
 Then she said to me today:  "What Are You Doing, 'Xactly?"

For two years she has swept up thread, and pins, and needles, from various locations.

She folds up quilts on the beds, quilts on the couch, quilts in the closet.

And, for the same two years, she has been forbidden to go in my sewing room - because there's just not an inch of floor or desk that she could clean...

And when she goes in the garage, she sees bins and bins of fabric, and quilts laid out on the pinning table.

So today, she came in, and I was working on my little wall quilt

And she said "What Are You Doing, 'Xactly?"

Now, Juana is a practical woman, born in Mexico, who has built up a housecleaning business with her husband... he does the "power tool" work (vacuums, etc.) while she does floors and bathrooms.. they are fabulous fabulous cleaners...  Juana is a non-nonsense women who speaks limited, and very succinct english. . 

So I answered "making a quilt"?
Juane:  "What is 'quilt'"?   (anybody know the spanish word for quilt?"

me:  "blanket"
Juana: " too small"


................then she said "WHY YOU DO THAT, 'XACTLY?"

Oh, Lord, Juana, I don't know how on earth to even begin...

Perhaps I just need to make Juana a 'blanket' - not too small.


1 comment:

Elaine Adair said...

Yes, a quilt (regular size) would be perfect! 8-))

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