Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hexagon Quilt Check-In for August

Well ................... AUGUST - and I have been working on this hexagon quilt for ONE YEAR AND FIVE MONTHS...  almost every day...  and this is the August 1 photo.   sorry it's a little crooked -

I'm entering a new phase where this seems to be going a little bit faster - perhaps because the work it more centered in smaller areas now, so the progress shows more... I'm not a person who can work in one area for a long time, I would rather jump around...  but gradually, there are fewer areas to jump to - hooray!!

 Someone asked recently where I got the pattern, or if I made this up...  well, a little bit of both .  I saw a photo of a hexagon quilt that is hanging in a British Museum from the 1800s... it was made by a SOLDIER - seems they encouraged the soldiers to SEW because it kept them from DRINKING and GAMBLING too much !!!!
So, you tell your DHs how great it is that we quilt!!!

So, that's the pattern story - I just took the pattern, and started graphing it out on graph paper, and then adjusting it cause the original was even bigger than this!!!!

I'm shoorint for a finish of the top by Christmas - - oh will that be a happy day!

I also made this little 4 inch cutie...  I love hand piecing!  Tomorrow night I will take out that center seam and work on that left triangle point ... got to nudge it back to the center!! 
.,... not tonight , though, no patience left.
Night everyone -  happy Tuesday!


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tubilinha tiacarminha said...

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