Sunday, August 12, 2012

Last Day of My Quilty Retreat - boo hoo

Wow, four days of staying home and quilting, quilting and more quilting, except for a trip out to - you guessed it - the Quilt Guild meeting!

Tomorrow I really must think about work ... and actually go to it too!!!  And an extra-fun trip to the dentist...

But, for now, let's recep all the fun things I did today...

I cut up some scraps for the Quilt Guild charity project...I'll take them back next month, all nicely trimmed into stacks of 5, 4.5, and 2.5 inch squares, as the little instruction card in the bag told me to do!

 Then, because I felt guilty, I worked in my own "crumb basket", where I throw the 'little bits",  and then gradually stitch them into squares of fabric.....
 From that work came some nice 6.5 inch crumb blocks...

Oh, my... I looked at this basket, full of strings... but I closed my eyes and pretended it wasn't there!
 I now have a plan for the remainder of this piece... a 1.5 inch tan border, which I attached today in oversized fashion - I will trim it down and square it up.  Then it will get one more pieced border and one solid border, and it will be finished.  

 The Quilt of Valor got a third row of the eight required.
 And I popped these blocks together - I won them in a lotto... pastels aren't really my thing, but some little girl will love this - have to put one more yellow border on the whole thing. 
So - now it's soon going to be late afternoon, time to tidy up, put away, fold some laundry... you know, transition back to the reality of the workweek.

It's been a great four days... fun, fun!!!

I'm sad to see the Olympics end - it has been great having something decent on tv every night!

Happy Quilting to Everyone...


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