Friday, August 10, 2012


oh my my - Day Two of my Four-Day QUILT IMMERSION !!!  What fun...

Yesterday I found a great new class to take with Sally Collins... You'll remember I took a week-long with her at Asilomar - and only learned a small bit of what this incredible quilter has to teach!
This is Sally's quilt "Pieced Baskets"... I wish I had the measurements...

So - she is teaching a class on this itty-bitty basket blocks... you can make them in two sizes - 3 1/4 ... (yes, the whole block)... or 1 7/8 ...........YOWEEE 1 7/8   ............ i can't wait to take this class...  August 23...  hooray!  what fun that will be.
So - in addition to signing up for class, here's what I did today:

 1.  Washed a bunch of quilting fabric and carefully folded piled it in this chair.
 2.  Put together two rows of a quilt of valor quilt... 
 3.  Did a little ripping and resewing to get the corners more square, and added a small raspberry border, and decided not to put the Lemoyne Stars around this... 
and then;
4.  Worked on the quilting of this Shadow Trapunto piece.  I really get bored doing little microstippling on these pieces.   oh well, nearly done on this part. 

And now it's Olympics and time for some handstitching of bindings...  fun, fun!

................a great quilty day...

Tomorrow afternoon is Guild Day, and our speaker is Edyta Sitar - it will be great to meet her and see her wonderful quilts!

Happy weekend to all,


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