Thursday, December 27, 2012

A New Project

Happy Thursday, everyone!!

My fantastic quilty week continues - today I have no plans to leave the house - if possible, I'd like to spend the entire day in the sewing room itself!

I have been working on a fun, fun project...  I have fallen in love with the work of Cyndy Needham, a California quilter who does a lot of work with wholecloth quilting , sometimes on vintage linens.  That, of course, meant I could play on EBAY buying old tablecloths, etc.  I learned pretty quickly that doing a tablecloth was a HUGE time drain, so am working more on napkins and table runners...

Oh but this is fun, fun.  The top is a damask napkin, and some of the design is traced from the napking itself.  The other designs are either stencils or tracings from some of the Dover pattern books.  I have lots more to do now with filling in some of the background areas.

Oh this is fun -  but even more fun is looking at Cyndy's own work - which you can do at her WEBSITE,   She also has a Craftsy class, which is really fantastic.  In a couple of weeks I will be able to take one of her classes at "Road to California" in Los Angeles... and then I am doing a week-long workshop with her in February...

I truly love that quilting has so many directions one can go - all of them exciting, creative, and fun !!  And I love that there are so many fantastic teachers out there who help us all learn new things!

oh, i must get back to the sewing machine!!


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