Friday, April 26, 2013

On Retreat!

I HEREBY PROCLAIM.......................

This weekend is a quilting retreat !!!!  In the comfort of my own snuggly home.

Work has just been beastly lately - lots of spring events, keeping me busy lots of nights and weekends.   And a heavy work load as well... I am tired, stressed, and GRUMPY.

So - it is 6:30 on Friday night...  and I AM ON RETREAT!!!!

I will post every day and share what I accomplish - there are lots of things around partly finished, so it may be fun, fun if I can finish some of them !!!!

And DH is away all day tomorrow, too!!!!  Just me and the kitties and LOTS of fabric!!

Happy weekend to all,



Sharon Stroud said...

Enjoy every minute! You deserve it!


Carol E. said...

Have fun! I declared an arbitrary Spring Break week, and it just started on Friday evening. I, too, am living with my fabric. Maybe I'll share daily, too... if I manage to accomplish anything, that is.

Unknown said...

I wish it was me too. I await spring and thaw at the cottage each day. Quilt something and think of me....sigh!

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