Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My oh My, it's May !!

My oh My, it's the Merry Month of May !!!! 

Bit says 'Hi There'...  She is 8 months old now, and is turning into a beautiful little girl...

BUT DOESN'T SHE LOOK CROSSEYED IN THIS PHOTO???  Funny, ha ha...I need to work on it in photo shop I guess.. I think I'll just keep it for a laugh.

 Well, the first of every month is time to photograph the Great Hexagon Quilt...  so, here's the May 1 photo::::  first with a cat
 and without cat:

 I keep working on that bottom part - when that is finished, I will REALLY be able to see the finish in sight...  I had thought I could finish the top by July 1 (well at one point I thought January 1, but that blew by)... but now I am aiming for August 17, my birth day... I think it is achievable.   Stay tuned.  There will be a PARTY.

 I finished block no. 2 of the Sue Garman pattern - oh I love doing these applique blocks...

 and some more five inch pineapples - many more to go...

 Oh - also - I'm getting ready to start a SERIES -  more to follow - stay tuned...this is gonna be fun!

Happy quilting,


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