Monday, September 16, 2013

The Kitty Who Won Some Fabric

Well - when a girl has a serious fabric habit, the entire family has to pitch in, don't ya know?

I entered this photo in the "Pets on Quilts Contest" - this is Miss Bit when she was about 12 weeks old, on my Bonnie Hunter quilt, the mystery called "Orca Bay" - it was being quilted when she crawled on and gave me this pose with her gigantic eyes! 

And, bless her little heart - she won a prize !!  And, was that prize some Catnip, or some Tuna, or even some Greenies?  No, she said, boohoo, in her little kitty voice.

The prize?Fabric, from Hoffman... yippee for me...............not so exciting for Miss Bit, however... So, I got her a nice bag of treats at Pet Smart... and I will look forward to breaking into these yummy fabric treats!

I had quite the weekend with several projects: 
this handkerchief quilt was mailed off to my friend Virginia, in Georgia.  If you read my blog, you will know that this handkerchief belonged to her mother, who passed away a few years ago.  I enjoyed making it for her - hope she likes it!

And, this damask napkin quilt was in "Urgent Care" cause the basting lines were showing.  After two hot-water soaks, I am happy to say they are much diminished -  I don't think they will be noticeable when it is all said and done.
So - I'm going to try and finish this before the Oct 1 deadline to enter it in "Road to California"...  I need to put beads on it - lots of them...  so that is what I will be doing from now until Sept.  30... beading, beading, beading.   I really don't know if I can get it done, but I am going to try!  

Wish me luck..... I'm starting NOW...


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Pattilou said...

Oh my! Your quilting is just beautiful. The handkerchief quilt is such a gift to be treasured! I love what you've done on the damask. I inherited a linen tablecloth from my mother-in-law and have been collecting ideas on how to repurpose it into a quilt. You do have lots to do before Oct. 1 and good luck on your entry.

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