Monday, April 21, 2014

A Huge Challenge

Oh I am having so much fun working on this linen wholecloth !!!!

At this point, the "big stitching", what I call the "bones" is stitched in, all except a little at the bottom of the photo, that you can't see.  I stitched that part, then had to rip it out because I saw that it wasn't drawn straight (why can you see it so much more clearly AFTER stitching??)

I sprayed off the blue marking - that's one of my favorite, favorite parts -  suddenly it just looks so gorgeous!

The next job is to stitch all around and in each of these embroidered medallions... that seems to take forever, but oh boy is it worth it!  After I have completed one, I will show you before and after, and you'll agree, I am sure...

How long will this take?   Oh boy, a long time...  but it's fun... fun...

Remember this piece?  Elizabeth's Legacy.... it's going in a box, to the Denver National Quilt Show, where it was juried in...  this piece has now been in three national/international shows - pretty soon it will be getting frequent flyer miles ! 

I hope you are all quilting something you find as enjoyable as I find these linen quilts... 
Happy Quilting to you,

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