Sunday, December 14, 2014

"Still "

Hello everyone - -

Well, it's starting to feel a lot like Christmas - I even put on some Christmas music yesterday - it must be coming soon !!

My post is entitled "STILL"... BECAUSE THAT'S MY THEME....

I am STILL quilting on this quilt,  the "Enormous Hexagon Quilt" .  Yes, I am quilting this on a domestic machine, not a long-arm, so I can stop and start at will...  finding the WILL is the hard part... I have a rule that I must work on it every weekend...  so I do, usually on Sunday morning.  Slowly, gradually, I am getting there, but no finish in sight yet !

I am also STILL quilting on this Bonnie Hunter mystery - I can't remember the name or the year - wasn't last year, maybe two years ago...  I am doing this on my sit-down APQS machine, so that should be easier and faster... 

Like all quilters, I have an occasional disaster.  I was trying to create a simple little piece to use as a sample...  lovely little doily, and fabulous background fabric from Cherrywood fabrics.

But, I guess I forgot to prewash it, cause when I soaked it to get the marks out of it, it bled and the linen piece is now a soft peach color...  I'm going to try another wash with a color catcher, but I am not optimistic.  Rats - I bet I don't forget to prewash again !!!!

My rule of thumb is that all fabric gets prewashed - it's a simple "better safe than sorry.  And, since Cherrywood, which I love, is a hand-dyed fabric, it was even more important !

Well, it can still be a class sample, but it will teach a different lesson... now, won't it?

Well, I'm going to go do some power sewing on some scraps before my Sunday drifts away.  Homemade soup is in the crock pot, so it will be a yummy day.

Good luck getting all your Christmas projects completed !!



Karen said...

Your hexi quilt will so be worth the effort, it's gorgeous. I think your BH quilt is Orca Bay. Not sure as the colors are different. Have a great day.

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