Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Bonnie Hunter Carpet Line

Did you know Bonnie Hunter now had a line of carpet ????

No, you say ???

Well, lookie here at my den floor - isn't that a lovely rug?  Kitty thinks so...  it's about 2/3rds quilted...  one thing I love about quilting on a sit-down machine is I can take the quilt down and work on it a bit at the time - I have a phenomenally short attention span, so this is good !

Kitty plopped down on this and had a flashback of her Kittenhood  -  here she is as a 4 month old kitten, on the partially pieced top of this same quilt !!  TWO YEARS AGO, AND NOT FINISHED YET - UGH

oh look - more Bonnie Hunter carpet:  this is in my sewing room - it's not fully installed yet !!!  Oh my, there's a hole in that corner... 
 As you see, I'm having a UFO Christmas - one of these is the Bonnie Hunter Mystery from TWO years ago - the other from LAST year !!

And no, I'm not doing this year's mystery - maybe I'll be caught up by next Christmas and then I can do two at once !!!!

I'll let you know if I finish any of these - you can alert the media !!

Kate,              having a wonderful quilty holiday..



Marjorie said...

I also have a "design floor" at my house. But my cat is more drawn to the paper patterns. They make interesting crinkly noises.

Anonymous said...

Progress is happening; some quilts just have to incubate.

Sue Daurio said...

Oh boy I want Bonnie Hunter rugs! Yours look amazing and Kitty can attest.

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