Saturday, July 27, 2019

Moving With Stash

Hooray !

Our move east became a reality today. 

 And at 8 o'clock sharp, the truck opened it doors and said "FEED ME".

 And there was a lot of tummy to fill .  Here is the first part of my load going in - you got it - STASH !!!!  let's get the important stuff first , boys !

 And they fed more and more stash into the truck.......... finally we added a little furniture, too.  And maybe some clothes and some tables and stuff...........

And at 3 o'clock, the van drove away - I can't wait til it is delivery time !  

And til i get my stash back.  

Kathleen, aka Kate


Claire said...

Seems like a long wait is in store for you. I think it took my stuff 4-5 days from Indiana. Had time to drive and do two afternoons of sight seeing, though had fog on the day at Mt Rushmore!

Louise said...

Woo hoo! You're really on your way now! Where the stash goes, the heart follows :)

patty a. said...

The last time I moved I used a box truck the reality company let me use for free - all I had to do was put gas in it. One of the three or four trips - I don't remember now - a friend came over and helped me move my sewing stuff including my stash. We stopped counting at 48 boxes. May you and your stash be reunited soon!

Carol E. said...

Happy and safe travels to you and your stash! Welcome to your new home!

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