Tuesday, September 15, 2020


Hello everybody:   remember I told you I was talking with a silversmith about a thimble?  

Well, when she first told me she was selling thimbles through the mail, I had my doubts, because how would I ever buy a thimble without trying it on?  So in today's post, we move on to the answer to that question.  

This week, she send me a nifty little packet, complete with a photo of herself on the envelope.  Hi, Jan.

Also inside was a nifty card for me to fill out and send back to her.  

And, this little treasure:  a sizer !   Made just for her, or by her, I guess.  She asked me to take two measurements.  One is up to the bottom of my fingernail, and another to my knuckle.  

Easy enough !

So, I am a 5.5 to the nail,  and a 5.75 to the knuckle.  I will send those back to her, and we will see what happens !  

Maybe the mailman will bring me a thimble !!!!



Marjorie said...

I saved my favorite link of hers for a possible Christmas gift when the hubby says "what to you want". Can't wait to hear what you think.

Louise said...

What a clever way to measure! I assume you send the sizer back to her for re-use?

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