Thursday, October 29, 2015

From Bit and Mystic

Happy National CAT DAY !!!!

 We are busy napping........................ on this:::
or in this:
 or guarding the scraps:
Go enjoy CAT DAY by petting someone - quick !!!
love, Bit and Mystic

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Is it Fall ????

Hello everyone - oh I hope you are enjoying this lovely Sunday - it's cool and crisp here in the Bay area, and I love weekends so very much.  

Today I finished up a little charity quilt, except for bindings, which have yet to be put on...

I do love this little cutie, made from some string blocks..

I love these big, wide borders to calm down the activity of the strings...

And here's the back...

I had some leftover crumb blocks, and the back wasn't wide enough - so - poof - like putting vegetables in meatloaf - back is widened, and crumbs are used !!!!

On another long-term project - do you remember this?

I'm quilting along on this still - I think I need to shut myself up with this one weekend and not come out until it is done.............  hold your breath on that one !!!

Happy fall to everyone....


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Progress !!!!

Hi there - how about mostly pictures today, and not much talk?  That's the mood I am in.

But I am really starting to like this linen piece... still more work to do, though...


 if you notice some 'poofy' places - in the corners - those aren't done yet !!!!  once upon a time the whole thing was poofy - - I'm getting there !!!!
enjoy the rest of the weekend !!

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