Saturday, January 29, 2011

Quilter on A Rampage

Well, hello everyone... I had a fabulous quilty day - had to do a bit of work at the 'real job' this morning, but then came home and went quilty-beserk!!

I made some happy Lotto Blocks - sent some to the Sunshine Yahoo Guild - kept some for myself!
Then I put a couple of rows on Bonnie Hunter's Roll Roll Cotton Bowl, which is beginning to look like a permanent fixture on my den floor...(just jump over it honey, even though it's getting wider every day)

Then I worked some more on this one, which wasn't doing like I wanted until I worked on the borders some, so now it looks like this:

The bottom is hanging funny in the photo - its not all wonky... Now I think I will put it on point by putting some triangles on the sides, and then put a new big border on it...I just need to figure out how large to make the triangles... there must be a formula somewhere..
Then I hand-quilted a bit on this, which is getting close to 'finish':

And, just to indulge my love of working on something different every 1.2 minutes, I made some string blocks to use up the overflowing basket of scrap strings (I'm not filling up bins of scraps any more, just cutting baskets full of strings... but trying valiantly to make blocks from them)

And then, I assembled this little charity children's quilt from some 9-patches sent to the Yahoo Quilt Guild.. it needs one more border, I think... tomorrow!
And there are still some hours left in this day!! DH is making sugar-free chocolate pudding - got to go!
Happy quilting,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shopped til I Dropped

Hello hello from sunny northern California - where it is 68 beautiful degrees and a beautiful blue sky - for those of you in the snowy regions, come visit!!!!
This little quilt got claimed by George, who thinks a quilt on a blanket, on a leather couch, might just nearly be soft enough for his creature comfort!
This morning I went on my shopping spree!!! It was great fun... there was a sale at Eddie's Quilting Bee - it was Eddie's birthday, and everything was 30% off!
I had a great time - found some beautiful fabrics, some neat notions - and met some great quilters - we all examined everyone else's purchases and envied every single piece of fabric... I also got some of that great mesh to make some bags... now need to find a good pattern!
Here's my booty!

I'm looking forward to processing the fabric... I know some people don't wash, but I do - every single piece - washed, ironed, and folded. It may sound like a lot of work to those who don't like to prewash, I really enjoy it... and love to see it on my shelf afterward!
Merry Christmas to everyone... thank you, DH... I love you for thinking of such a thoughtful and fun gift for me.
Happy Quilting,

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I'm soooo excited...........
Do you remember the show SuperMarket Sweep???

Teams of two got a fixed time, usually 3 min or so, to run madly around the supermarket and buy the most high-value items they could fill their cart with... turkeys, hams, caviar... and the one with the highest value of the stuff WON!!!! I love love loved that show, and always wanted to be a contestant...

Well - my DDDDDH has given me a SuperMarket Sweep in the quilt shop! It was a Christmas present, and I get to spend whatever I want... (and take all the time I want , too! - can you imagine having to race around the quilt shop??? how funny)

I saved it til I saw a sale - one of the LQS is having a 30% sale off on Saturday...

He did this last year - I shopped and shopped, and then did not even see the total - it just went on his credit card... how totally delightful!!!


Happy Quilting,


An Alternative to Drinking and Gambling????

Hi all... I'm still sewing away on Bonnie Hunter's "Roll, Roll, Cotton Bowl" quilt - somehow I must have miscounted, and came up short of 'parts' - so am sewing a few more units to finish up - maybe this weekend.

Meanwhile, I have been coloring on this design... inspired by a wool quilt from the 1880s that is in the Victoria and Albert Museum. The original quilt was made by a soldier!!

I don't really know how big this will get - I just keep taping on more graph paper as it grows... but I'm having lots of fun...

In the article about the original quilt, it said that during the 1880s, soldiers were encouraged to take up quilting AS AN ALTERNATIVE TO DRINKING AND GAMBLING!!!!!



Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Well hello fellow quilters from places both snowy and not:

Like lots of us, I've been working on Bonnie Hunter's Roll, Roll Cotton Bowl...

You may remember my post about this block:

After seeing how the green did NOT provide sufficient contrast, I changed to this color combination:

'no problem', said I - I only need to make another SIX HUNDRED HST's, and unsew about ten blocks, and sew them again - all the way to the center block... NO PROBLEM.... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK....
But now it's starting to come together................

I absolutely love the way the colors play, especially the orange and the red...
in short - I absolutely love it.......
and only have another 300 HST'S to go............
thanks, Bonnie, for a fabulous mystery quilt.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Well - life sometimes just give you a real good laugh!!!!

Remember, a few blogs ago - I offered this fabric for a giveaway?

I loved it when I bought it, but then just couldn't figure out what to do with it, and obviously, it has to end up with just the right person - not something you send out on a charity quilt, given people's varying sensitivities...

The 'deal' on the giveaway was that my DH was going to pick the comment with the most interesting plan to use the fabric!

So - Marjorie , of Applique Addict -
won by sending in a comment that she would use the fabric to make a shirt for her DH, who rides a skull-themed Harley!!

Well - Marjorie does NOT procrastinate - and here's the shirt:


AND - another fun twist... Marjorie wants to send the 'remainders' to someone else on the comment list - they will make great fussy-cut pieces to mix in with other fabrics... as you see here:

So - I asked DH to choose - and he picked Victoria of Bumblebeans, Inc. - who said she had a partly-finished Day of the Dead quilt that needed to be finished!

Well, Victoria - these lovely party-goers are yours! Please send me an address... I will send you an email from your post...

Thanks, Marjie - for being such a fun sport on this giveaway!..

I think this is the only photo of a man with a beer that has been posted on my blog!!

Parties to All,

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Block Makover



So - I chose my colors for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery, and decided to try to use mid-range colors in blue, coral, and celery - sounds lovely and gentle, doesn't it? Well, it turns out mostly washed out, especially the celery - egad!!! it looks like celery tastes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So - a bit of unsewing, and I found this piece of bricky, smoky red that surprising plays well with the coral colors... and boom - shazam - this appears!

Unfortunately I made a lot of these blocks before I bowed to the inevitable .... so now there's lots of unsewing to do...


Happy ripping to me! Happy quilting to everyone else!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

How's this for a Hat?

Happy Happy New Year to you all...
On NYE, DH and a friend and I went to see "Beach Blanket Babylon", a musical spoof/parady in San Francisco... it is famous for outrageous hats, great music, and wonderful parodies of politicians and public figures. We laughed until we all about split, all while enjoying champagne and chocolates - yummy yummy!
It has been the most most most wonderful holiday season at my house... great meals,
wonderful gifts, and fun moments... I am sad to see it end, but tomorrow the quilting professor returns to the university to my 'day job'... all in all a fabulous job in itself, but oh the sweetness of the holiday vacation!
On Friday we went for a hike to Muir Woods, a stand of giant Redwood trees near San Francisco, some up to 2,000 years old... that means these trees were born in the 9th century... amazing... here are some highlights...
As you can see, my camera just couldn't take it all in!

And, of course, these is always quilting... I finished this happy top of strings... I have been trying to use up my strings.... and this came out - I like it's will become a charity quilt when sandwiched and quilted. (ooh crap, I just saw that the bottom right corner block is inserted wrong - geez, why don't you see these things before you take the photo???? no, I am not going to unsew the border and fix it - will just pretend it's not like that - - lol)
I hope you all have had as wonderful a holiday as I have - - and that your New Year will be fabulous!!!!

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