Thursday, July 13, 2017

Here, There, and Everywhere

Oh me, I haven't posted in such a long time !

I just checked and I am both alive and well.

Many frequent flyer miles have been logged in the past two months - some for fun, some for business.

Let's see...........

A business trip to Hawaii...... yes, truly ..... honestly...

A family trip to the East Coast for a funeral.  Difficult time, but an opportunity to see distant family not seen in many years.  Goodness, how did all my cousins turn into carbon copies of their parents ?

A business trip to Washington, DC...  I always love DC - the monuments, the Supreme Court, the taxi drivers !
And - lest I forget - an unbelievable quilting retreat..........  But I shall save more on that for the next post, because it really does deserve some words and some photos all for itself.

BUT - TODAY - NEWS FLASH - I found out my quilt "Annabelle's Wedding Feast" is a finalist in the IQS Houston show - - wow, Houston - I can't believe it.  Pinch me.

Has there been quilting going on?  Oh yes.  Soon I will gather up photos of that, too.

So - here I am -  Alive --  Well - -  Quilting...and with lots of frequent flyer miles and hotel points to use at another date.

Details to follow.


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