Saturday, June 20, 2020

Are We Done Yet ????




This is kitty Mystic, but I feel just the same way !!!!


Friday, May 22, 2020

Hands2Help Another Year !!!

Hello everyone !

Well, very few things are "normal"  this year, but it feels good when something just goes ahead as usual.

I have participated in Sarah's Hands2Help for all the years it's been going, so I am doubly happy to finish three quilts this year.  They will go to quilts for the Happy Chemo program, and they went to the post office this morning.

This year's quilts are a bit rustic, probably good for boys or teens.  They were made from squares that were given to me by a neighbor lady... She had kept these squares for many years in a shoebox.  Well, they are out now, and on their way to work., hooray (but there's still a bunch in the box !!!)

Purple and green squares !

Blue squares and Stars
 Congratulations, Sarah, on another year of H2H !!!!


Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Big Progress


This room, which was a woodworking shop for the former owners:


Can you imagine it all cleaned up, with shelves stacked with fabric, batting safely stored, drawers filled with tools and notions.   

DH is donating some of his Corona time to remove the rough workbenches, vacuum up sawdust, and then mop down the walls, patch the holes, and paint.....

We will have to do this one step at the time, one wall at the time, because look what's on the other wall:

and more:  

 Well - stay tuned and I'll show you progress as it goes.  But don't hold your breath, cause this is going to take a while !  


Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Easter Storms

Sunday afternoon I saw this article pop up on my computer:  "How to social distance while hunkering down in a tornado shelter"

 I knew it was just all too much.  Oh, lord.

Double disasters, terrible for some parts of the south.  How did a nursing home move 55 Alzheimers patients at night in a storm?  Those nurses and aides are saints, saints.

The other saints are the southern men...….. all those men who drive all those pickup trucks.

Ladies, when you are in trouble, you need one of those men with a pickup truck (sometimes called "bubbas".  They have a truck, they have jumper cables, they have a chainsaw, and they will be the first one to stop when you are disabled beside the road, or there is a tree blocking your driveway.

We were lucky here.  The debris is mostly taken away now.  I won't complain about a 3-day lapse in internet, power, and phone because others were hit more badly.

So, here we are.  Amazingly, the petals are still on the dogwoods, and the mountains are green.

And the hummingbirds returned yesterday.

The quilt on the longarm is calling to me, and I must save some time for sitting on the porch and watching nature.

Stay well,


Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Scrap Attack !

Look what's happening at my house !!!

I showed DH how the Go Big works.

He thinks it is a power tool.

Go, hubby, Go !

and, I found this on someone else's blog, but....  AMEN.

Stay well..... stay home...….


Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Have you found a place of refuge, either mental or physical, during this incredibly crazy time?  

For us, it's our screened in overlooks the pond and the distant mountains.  And it's finally warm enough to hang out there.  The kitties LOVE the porch.  

This is Mystic.  He looks like a Fancy Cat, but he is really a Mechanic at heart .  He loves being in the garage and getting dirty.  He wants to hunt and eat all these lovely birdies - NOT !

Our rare white squirrel, Blizzard, is coming around more often.  Probably because we are feeding him pecans on the front porch !  He is a part of a colony of white squirrels (not albinos) that live in the Western North Carolina mountains.  He is so beautiful !

He goes WAY up in the tree and then chatters at the kitties on the porch.

There is refuge in QUILTING, too !  At a retreat last fall, a quilter at my table was preparing to throw away some scraps - I offered to adopt them...  A week later she was gifting me FOUR big grocery bags full of leftovers - great quality fabric.  This one is all finished and ready to send off to snuggle a needy teen or tween.

The top below was officially approved by Mystic immediately after I sewed it up.  The original quilter had already sewn up the rows, and I only had to put it together.  I think some little girl or boy who likes cats will love it !

Well, that's my refuge.  

I wish I could invite you to come sit on the porch with me and sit a spell, maybe sew something.

Hopefully one day - -   soon.


Sunday, March 8, 2020

A Great Week !

Oh such a fabulous week this was...

DH and I went to the town of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee...  What a fascinating place - it's the home of Dollywood.

AND - it's the home of the Mountain Quiltfest.  Hundreds of absolutely fascinating quilts, plus classes, vendors, etc.  I went to be a part of the quilt judging, so I had the opportunity to observe the judging being done.  Part of the etiquette of judging is that you never repeat anything said during the judging...…... so I will just say "Quilt Judges work hard"...  studying more than 400 quilts, and being positive, cheerful, and kind the whole time !  If you have a 'fear of quilt judges" - let go - they are really nice people - all of them !!!!

After that wonderful experience, I came home and sewed and sewed on some low-stress donation quilts.  These will go to a group that is providing quilts for Foster Children in the Baltimore, MD area.

These are crumb blocks formed into square-in-a-square.  I love the gentle color palette.

And this is squares and snowball blocks.  You can do lots of interesting things with snowball blocks.  I think a pre-teen will like this one.

Keep on Quilting !!!


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