Monday, August 2, 2021

Tiny Houses

 oh friends, I am having fun !  😁

I must be honest...  a friend of mine said "I am making a mini quilt for the fair"...

and then someone at the guild mtg said "there never are many entried in the mini quilt section"

BAM - I was going to make a mini quilt ----  my competitive spirit just jumped up and seized the day !!

i found a pattern in a book on mini-quilts by Carol Doak.  

Easy Paper-Pieced Miniatures book by Carol Doak (

you can see the tiny house quilt on the front cover.

So i made a tiny tree and a tiny house just to see how it went...

hmmm. not too hard, but a little boring..........

what if the houses were PINK????

oh THAT's better !!!!

Stay tuned... and we'll see if i can build a tiny village !!!


Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Hands2Help Again - even this year !!!!


Somehow, nothing this year has been on schedule..........   but the important things needed to get done.

And this one is important to me...

Hands2Help  .   

I have done it every year.  Including this very difficult year.   

This one is finished.  Was a kit from Connecting Threads many years ago.

This one still needs quilting.  Was also a kit from Connecting Threads - also many years ago.

These will both go to the charity "Covered in Love".  

OK, let's see if I can make some more of this year "normal".   


Thursday, March 25, 2021

What's 'A Matter ME????

 WELL, Hell's Bells.................I last posted in OCTOBER??????????

A couple of days ago, I suddenly realized I felt BETTER.  

Not totally sure HOW BETTER..... but BETTER.

Life is just looking a bit, well,  UP.

Two shots in the arm,  and a bit more stability in the world.   Fingers crossed it keeps getting better.

So -  poor neglected blog - - I'm BACK...

Am working on so many things - but shall just pick one quick easy one to begin with...

CHARITY QUILTS:  The first one is just a flimsy.  It is a kit from Connecting Threads I bought some years ago -  came out sort of modern and city-like, didn't it?  

And the second one, also a kit from Connecting Threads, is all quilted and bound.  I like this pattern, don't you?  

These are both for the Hands2Help quilt collection.  I hope someone loves them.

OK, that's all for now, but hopefully it won't be months and more before I post again.  There are lots of amazing things to share with you.

take care,


Sunday, October 18, 2020

Mount Mitchell



A few days ago, we headed out to find some lovely fall color.  The easiest way to do that was to head up in altitude.  Our house is at 2200 feet.  

Up and up we went, til we reached the top of Mount Mitchell, highest point on the East side of the United States.  The views were spectacular, and yes, you can see a bit of fall color, although we were just a few days before the real peak of color.  

                Mt. Mitchell was named after a college professor from the University of North Carolina.  In the 1930s, he attempted to get an accurate measurement for the height of this mountain using a barometer as his tool.  He calculated that this mountain was just a little bit taller than the famous Grandfather Mountain, which was then known as the highest mountain on the East coast.  So, no one would believe him when he said it was taller.  

So - he went back up on the mountain to make more calculations and to prove his measurements.  On the climb, he fell and died.  Today he is buried on the mountain top.  Later, scientists confirmed that Mount Mitchell was, indeed the tallest mountain on the east side of the country.  

Enjoy the fall season wherever you live !


Tuesday, October 6, 2020



Hello, hello - 

This week I had the amazing experience of playing in that big box of thimbles that Jan sent me from her silver thimble company,

So it was sort of like a Beauty Pageant - and here are all the contestants on stage:  

Aren't they lovely?

Can you guess which ones will be finalists?

Some are classic, some modern.

A few just didn't fit my finger quite right - but two made the final cut:

So - TWO MADE THE FINAL CUT, so I sewed and sewed and sewed with them.

This little gemstone thimble wanted so badly to be the winner, but it just didn't fit perfectly.

But THIS ONE did !  So the others are now packed up and are journeying back to Jan in Fairfield, IA.

I love this thimble.  And today my cat tried to steal it - so she likes it too !

I BET i know what would help !
I need a CHATELAINE - you know, a tool that hangs around your neck, and you suspend your thimble on it.......

Hey, guess what, Jan makes those at, too !

Go see...  I'll be there, just picking one out - DH has agreed that Santa might shop from the ThimblesforYou website !!!

Thanks, Jan, for the opportunity to try your thimbles- and the gift of one.  I am happy to tell anyone who admires it that I love it !


Tuesday, September 29, 2020


 Hi everyone.  My thimble event continues.  I'm enjoying it so much I am dragging it out just a little bit.

Just so you have the info,  it's Jan Larson who makes the thimbles.  Her company is called  She lives in Iowa.  

So - you'll remember from my last post that I measured my finger on her nifty measuring tool.

WELL, of course, MY FINGER falls in between two of the holes.  

So, I took the picture she asked for, and sent the numbers and the photo to her.  

She said "I will send you several thimbles.

Oh, excitement - a few days went by, and then this tiny box arrived:

Oh there can't be many thimbles in there - maybe three or four........  I was a little disappointed since I wanted to play in all the thimbles.

So I opened it:  WOWSERS

Look at them in there !   All nestled up....

Two jumped out right away:

oh isn't that so gorgeous with that gemstone - I told her I didn't think I wanted a gemstone, but hey, it's too lovely........... maybe I will change my mind............

and this lovely classic silver design:

OK, enough peeping, let's get them all out and get serious about figuring out which ones fit and which one I like the best !!!!  (I only get to keep one)...

And I better stitch something with it, too !

hmmm, let's see if i have any fabric anywhere to stitch with...


Tuesday, September 15, 2020


Hello everybody:   remember I told you I was talking with a silversmith about a thimble?  

Well, when she first told me she was selling thimbles through the mail, I had my doubts, because how would I ever buy a thimble without trying it on?  So in today's post, we move on to the answer to that question.  

This week, she send me a nifty little packet, complete with a photo of herself on the envelope.  Hi, Jan.

Also inside was a nifty card for me to fill out and send back to her.  

And, this little treasure:  a sizer !   Made just for her, or by her, I guess.  She asked me to take two measurements.  One is up to the bottom of my fingernail, and another to my knuckle.  

Easy enough !

So, I am a 5.5 to the nail,  and a 5.75 to the knuckle.  I will send those back to her, and we will see what happens !  

Maybe the mailman will bring me a thimble !!!!


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