Sunday, February 16, 2020

Nimble Thimbles

Hello !!!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the Nimble Thimble Guild in Greenville, SC.  

On Saturday, we had a class, and we talked about how to make small wholecloth quilts using pieces of embroidered bed, bath, or table linens as the top layer of the quilt.

Each member of the class brought some linens - one lady brought her hanky from her First Communion !   

After some discussions about Design Basics, including symmetry/asymmetry, Sunshine and Shadow,  we learned about double batting techniques, and the ladies began to design their pieces.  
By lunchtime, the small  quilts were marked and pinned, and ready to be quilted.  

On Monday night, I returned for a Guild Meeting and a trunk show of my own linen pieces.  My favorite part of the night was that the ladies from the class brought their pieces for Show and Tell, and one was even finished !!

Hooray, Nimble Thimblers - it was so great meeting you !

And, before I sign off, I will share a little kid-sized quilt I just finished that is made from blocks donated by quilters in my online quilt group - it's amazing how well some of these fit together, and I like this cheerful one !


Friday, February 7, 2020

Mysteries and More

One of the best things about having a longarm is that the stack of tops is very slowly getting smaller.  In that stack are several larger quilts that I was just putting off quilting.

This one is finished !!!

I can't remember when I made this top - or who ran the mystery or designed the top !

I apologize, as I do try to credit the designer...  but it's been a while.  I remember it was an online Mystery - beyond that...  it's just a muddle.

I have to say 'thank you' to this top, because I used it as a longarm practice piece - I am working on learning rulers - so this quilt got lots of ditch-work.  Practice, practice.

And now, after a trip through the washing machine, it will go to a charity group that gives quilts to foster kids...  I think a teen boy or girl  would like this quilt.  It seems strong to me.

Now - let's go see what else is in that stack of unquilted tops !!


Saturday, February 1, 2020

The Sound of the Snow

SHHHH - be very quiet, and hear the snow - covering everything with a gentle, soft blanket.

Bit says she is staying under the blanket until this nonsense is over.  She is a California girl, after all !


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