Thursday, August 3, 2017


Well - I decided to venture out of the COMFORT ZONE........ and play in the Cherrywood Fabric Van Gogh Challenge.

Was it fun ?  Well..............
Was it challenging?   yes........
Was it easy and quick?   no.........

So - I thought it was only 20 by 20, it would be easy and fairly quick.


Every step seemed to challenge me.

First step:  finding inspiration.  I chose Van Gogh's paintings of almond blossoms.  Simple, easy peasy.

Step Two:  Making a background.  I decided to try a woven background in blues and blacks, trying to get the feel of Van Gogh's heavy brush strokes.  I didn't want it to look like a plaid, so many of the strips needed to change color.... oh i wasn't sure about this - looks so choppy... but I kept going.

This weaving took FOREVER !!!  I was amazed.

I covered it with black tulle, and it calmed down..... NOW it is starting to look like Van Gogh's brush strokes.  See how much better it is?  And, it has a branch and some lovely almond blossoms.  They are made of white felt, since Cherrywood doesn't make white fabric.  The branch is brown Cherrywood with black thread scribbles on it.

And here is the final version, cropped to 20 by 20, with a black "frame".

so, that's my Van Gogh.

throughout this whole process, I must tell you I felt like a fifth grader, with my scissors and my glue.  It was fun.  Maybe I'll try improvisation again..... or maybe not...

don't think Van Gogh has to worry too much about me taking over his place in art history !!


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