Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hands 2 Help Quilts Moving Forward !

Hands 2 Help Update !

I'm so tickled to post this update on my Hands 2 Help quilts for this year... I'm linking to Confessions of a fabric addict - - you can go there and see updates on many quilters who are participating.

Life has been busy, and I was getting a little worried, but all of a sudden a couple of quilts came to a finish, or to a flimsy - so I'm gonna make the deadline !

 This first quilt is just finished -  I never make BROWN quilts  - - but I ended up loving this - it almost got stolen by my DH...  The star blocks started out two years ago as parts for the Bonnie Hunter mystery "Celtic Solstice" - somehow they didn't work there, so I put them aside, changed the centers and the corners, and put lots of white around them, and they were much better... Then add a little chain block, and boom!  there it is................... 

Next is a bright one

I do love yellow, although this does sort of scream at you !  But its a happy scream...

Just a flimsy - so better get moving on quilting this up !

In 'more serious ' quilting, I am very close to having a photo of my show quilt that will be entered in the Houston show...........  I'm working on the last parts - doing and re-doing, to get things just right... 

happy weekend to all,


Friday, April 15, 2016

Scribing for the Judge

my friends - last week I went to a wonderful quilt show............

but there were no quilts hanging;
no vendors vending;
no people paying to enter - well, not yet - they came a couple of days later;

cause it was Judging the "Best of the Valley"  quilt show in Lindsay, CA.

Let me introduce you to the ladies who run the quilt show... they do not belong to a single guild, rather the show is produced as a non-profit organization, with a very hard-working steering committee..

and here is the judging.... hard at work.  That is Jody Ohrt, a California judge.  She is very positive, finding good things to note about every single quilt.  She judged around 100 quilts, while another judge judged the other 100.  Then they worked together to award Best of Show, Best Quilting, and the other big awards...

I worked as a scribe... if you look at the table, I am the only person dressed in red - you can see me in the reflection in the mirror on the wall........... I learned a lot, and it was fabulous seeing all the quilts... there are some terrific quilters around Lindsay, CA

THANK YOU LADIES of the Best of the Valley Quilt Show !!  Well done.


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