Thursday, November 24, 2016


After -  we didn't even eat turkey today, and I still think the tryptophan mellowed me out............

Kitty Bit is having her Thanksgiving Day nap, too.  She does wish her human holder would put his feet up and make a proper lap for her to sleep on - good grief....
A bit of quilting got done today, too, as this top was pin-basted

I hope it is finished in time to be a Christmas present  for my niece, Kelly!
And, last week, a BIG box of quilts from me and some friends went to the "Quilts Beyond Borders" organization... they will go to the Bennett Freeze Navajo...  a deeply poverty-stricken group of individuals in Arizona. 
:So now I have three more days that are all mine..........  before going back to work on Monday - wonder how much I can get done before then?  

ready, set, go ....



Friday, November 11, 2016

"My" Veterans

Greetings - 

Recently I have been doing some work on my geneology, and this had led me to reflect on the men in my family, and how often their lives were marked by war...  and their service in military during these great times of conflict becomes a singular identifying moment in their lives............. 

My husband fought in the Vietnam War, in a war he did not believe in;

My father fought in WW II,  and took part in the liberation of one of the concentration camps, a moment he said he would always be haunted by;

My mother's father, my grandfather, also fought in WW II;

My 2nd great-grandfather was a Civil War soldier;

My 4th great grandfather fought in the War of 1812;

and My 5tth great-grandfather fought in the US Revolutionary War.

It humbles me to see so many of my ancestors called into battle;  I am proud of their bravery and fortitude, but simultaneously am deeply saddened by the relentless use of physical conflict to solve problems in our world. 

I watched President Obama lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier today, and I prayed that our incoming president will not lead us into a situation that will result in another great conflict.
Please, let us no more send our sons and daughters into battle. 


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Now it's REALLY finished !

Well - I probably showed you this one before - but now it's REALLY finished - and ready to be entered into a juried show.

I named it "Marie Laveau's Garden Gate", because it reminds me of the fabulous ironwork on the houses and yards in New Orleans. 

Here's a closeup - the black 'stuff' is black quilt binding, sewn to a piece of organza, then the excess cut away, and quilted on top of a traditional three-layer quilt.  The creative possibilities are nearly endless - I will be doing more in this technique... 

"Marie" is entered in a couple of quilt shows for January - my fingers are crossed!  She wants to travel. 

Everyone enjoy Veteran's Day tomorrow !


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