Monday, July 18, 2016

Released From the Bone Pile Yippee !

Well.... Hallelujah !

Remember this piece ???  I found this photo on my Blog from September........ SEPTEMBER ??? OH MY...surely it wasn't that long ago.

there was lots left to do at this point................
I loved these corner feathers..............

But I really wasn't happy with the center...............that mess in the middle just doesn't look right at all........ way too formless for the rest of the center medallion.  oh yuck.  That stitching is way too dense to rip out..................
So it went in the Bone Pile.
The Bone Pile is where stuff goes that isn't working.
It was sad to put this in the Bone Pile...................
But NOW - an idea.................when something doesn't work - well, cover it up with something else !!!!
So, this is three doilies.  the bottom is the biggest, the second one is the pale yellow/orange color, and then the smallest one on top.  I love how the pale orange peeks through !


And there will be BEADS, too ! They hold the lace down.
Oh I am so happy this piece is released from the Bone Pile .
Now to get it finished up.  Mostly that means finishing up this center medallion, and then finishing the binding, hanging sleeve, and label...
Deadline for the New Quilts of California Competition is August 1...  I'm just gonna make it, I think.
Stay tuned for finished photos.

Monday, July 4, 2016


Well -

Today I celebrate my ancestor Caleb Savage........  I just recently learned of my connection to Mr. Savage.  He is an ancestor on my Grandmother's side of the family.

Caleb was a Patriot in the Revolutionary War.

I grew up in Eastern Virginia,  so the chances are good that one is kin to someone who fought in that War...  but it feels really good to make the connection.

How did I find that out?  Quilting, naturally...... online in a Yahoo room, someone mentioned the Daughters of the American Revolution, and I wrote about my family history...  and that I couldn't get far enough back to know if I was kin to a War Patriot or not.......

So, that person took my information, and did some research , and found the connection to Caleb Savage.

Now I have to find the documentation to prove each step of the lineage before it becomes official.  We'll see how that goes.

But, today , I look at the little flag in my yard a bit differently.....  and wonder how Caleb imagined the future of America....... and somehow, the first Independence Day seems more real now......

And, I reflect a bit, just a bit, on the fact that we must never think, as Americans, that we have the "best" government, that we are "special" over others...  we must work to respect people of various heritages and religions, and to have better relationships with other countries.  And to respect our planet.  We must acknowledge the mistakes our country has made in the past so as not to make similar ones in the future.  And that will require us all to be involved - in lots of ways.........

So, Happy Independence Day  !


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Visitors !!

Look who's visiting at our house.....  KITTENS !


That's Channing and Cammi.  They will be here for a week.  They are ten weeks old, and are up for adoption by the Maine Coon Adoption rescue organization in Oakland, CA.  We work with them.

These two are with us because the regular 'kitten mama"  who fosters all the babies, is away for a week.  And they are too active to stay in a cage.  So they came to visit, otherwise known as 'trash out our house'.  !!  Actually, they have been fine - sweet, snuggly  - - with a whole lot of energy and play all added in.

Channing and Cammi will be adopted only together, as they are deeply bonded with each other.  They go to the Adoption Fair next Saturday - so we are trying to teach them a few "manners ' and survival skills... yesterday they learned to climb steps - they were great with going up - going down was just a massive tumble and 'thump'....... but they did better the second time.......


Saturday, July 2, 2016

Judging - and Quilting

Hi there, and Happy Fourth of July weekend...

I had a wonderful opportunity last week to observe the judging of the quilts for the Seven Sisters Quilt Show in San Louis Obispo, California........

Oh I wish that every quilter who has apprehensions about having their quilts judged could watch a generous, professional judge work...  it was such a wonderful day.  Perhaps I can summarize my reactions to the day:

1.  Good judges respect every quilter's work.  They know that some are beginners;  some are professionals;  most are somewhere in between.

2.  Every quilt has strengths and weaknesses;  the good judge appreciates the strengths, while noting things the quilter could do to improve.

If you have never been bold enough to have your quilts judged, I encourage you to do so - BE BRAVE.  If you don't want to read the 'constructive' criticisms, then just don't...  just fold up the page and throw it away........

But if you do - you'll learn a way to make your quilts better - and isn't that what we all want anyway !!!!

I was inspired by the quilts for the Seven Sisters Show,  and the excellent judging they received.  And the dedication of all the volunteers !  Wow, quilting sisters - We Rock !!!


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