Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I've Been Gifted!

WOW - it's my Birthday!!!!

And DH gifted me a Gingher box...

It's the spring-loaded scissors! I've been wanting these for a long time - I cut a lot of
denim, and my poor hand hurts - and a while back I mentioned to DH that I wanted these...

...........once upon a time I wanted boxes that said "Waterford" on the side... now I'm much happier with "Gingher".... (but I still love my Waterford, honey).

Also - a couple of weeks ago I won this lovely gift from PURL SOHO, a store in NYC that is supporting the efforts of Victoria Findley, who has organized a QUILT GATHERING for families in the city who are re-entering homes after being homeless... go by to read more about it - or to DONATE A QUILT!

The book pictured is "Last Minute Quilted Patchwork Gifts" by Joelle Hoverson and Anna Williams. I am loving it AND the fabrics!

How lucky am I to get these wonderful gifts that play so nicely together? Happy Birthday to me...



Fleurette said...

Happy Birthday Kate! have a wonderful day.

Sharon Stroud said...

Happy birthday, Kathleen! What wonderful gifts--whether Gingher or Waterford!

Last night was the final class for the hexagons. Marion and Karen are setting their tops. Karen is planning to embellish hers with fishing lures and other fishing stuff. She saw your top on the blog and asked me to tell you how much she likes your fabric choices.


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