Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sisterhood of the Traveling STASH

This is a story of a traveling stash...

This stash was born way up north in Fairbanks, Alaska... in the home of the kind and gentle Beverly Bennett - aka "Bev from Alaska". ... A member of the Sunshine Yahoo Quilting Guild, Bev made hundreds of quilts with her Sunshine friends, and machine quilted hundreds more.

Sadly, Bev passed away a month or two ago... but her stash is still going strong...
Some friends of Bev from the Sunshine Guild lovingly retreived her stash and divided it into a stack of USPS flat-rate boxes... Each box was a lovely mix of prepared blocks, fabric, and even some notions and magazines that once were Bev's treasure. The boxes traveled all over the US... and this is just part of my share::::
This past weekend, Bev's stash was being crafted into charity quilts in at least ten states, ranging from Florida, California, Wisconsin, heck, all over!
I've been having a great discovery going through the quarters, eighths, blocks, and books that were included in my box... and then I found THIS
Now I must ask you - what do you think Bev, a woman fiercely proud of living in Alaska, was thinking when she bought this???? of course - the beautiful northern lights...
I think I will keep this piece in the "permanent collection" part of my stash... it makes me smile thinking of a woman who loved fabric, loved her home, and loved to quilt.
And the next step for this fabric???? Why - of all places - Peru! The "Bev Memorial Quilts" will go along on a medical mission hosted by Rotary International - a quilt is given to each child who undergoes facial disfigurement surgery (like cleft palate) - and the quilt is theirs to keep - sweet, huh?

Happy Quilting everyone,


Betteem said...

Hi Kate, I am enjoying the blocks and fabric that was in my Bev box.
This is an experience to remember and you have written about so well.
Thank you.
Betty M. Oregon

Pattilou said...

Like you, I've smiled at the "stash" I received that was once Bev's. If the quilt blocks could talk, I think there's many stories in each new quilt that as Sunnies we're putting together.

Carol E. said...

Very nice. Bev would be soooo pleased to see how her stash is still helping children.

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