Sunday, August 8, 2010


What is it about quilters, anyway - that we always seem to get along so well?

Yesterday I met three 'quilty friends' that I have known on the web for a while... they are part of the Yahoo Sunshine Quilting Group that makes kids charity quilts...When I lived in New York, these ladies were just logon id's on the screen - but yesterday (now that I live in California), I sewed with them for a lovely day!

We spent our day on a special project in honor of a woman named Bev, who lived in Alaska, and volunteered to quilt tops for people for these charity projects - and she quilted hundreds of them over the years. We lost Bev recently, so Sunshine Group is setting a goal of 100 quilts to send on a medical charity mission to Peru in January... yesterday we assembled blocks sent in by people across the country - and the mail has just started arriving! Here's a little eye candy for you:

We had help, too, from the 'softness testers':
When quilted, these blankies will be given to children who are having surgery for facial disfigurement like cleft palate - sponsored by Rotary International... I hope every child feels the love put into each of these small quilts.
Happy Sunday quilting to everyone,

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Barb said...

That is a wonderful thing you are doing, lovely quilts!

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