Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Fur Was Flyin'

Lots of people have asked how we managed to get across country with our cat... Well, we thought a lot about 2800 miles in the car, with a cat... that means you can't stop and eat in a restaurant, you can't do anything other than keep the car running to keep the AC on... That means drive-through McDonald's and keep driving - hour after hour.
And stopping in a different hotel every night guarantees a cat who does not sleep at night - so then neither do you...
So - we decided to ship our cars and fly ourselves - and bring the cat with us. So - here's the mighty cat George - in his very trendy Samsonite carrier - yes, it's genuine Samsonite - very very cool! That's his favorite ball of yarn in there with him to provide comfort.
Well - Seven hours later he looks a little less enthusiastic...

Actually he was a dear - for nearly 12 hours he was in his carrier. On the longest flight (NY - San Francisco), we put his carrier up on the tray table, unzipped it so he could see out, and he just lay there and slept the whole time... what a sweetie!

So - now he REALLY loves his new location... loves the California sunshine and our great back yard where he can lay in the sunshine for hours in this oh-so-perfect temperature of the Bay area... George and DH both think we are gonna like it here!

...........now I better get back to unpacking my quilting stash!

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