Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Labor Day Labors

What a great quilty weekend I am having! My sewing room is finally operational. Now, mind you, I did not say organized, clean, or tidy. But operational is good enough for now.

This little string quilt will be a donation to some group - not sure who yet... It needs binding still.

I think somehow this piece feels like a Turkish carpet, doesn't it? These are strips made by a fellow quilter who mailed them to me. I'm still working on stitching down the binding, then this will also be a donation piece.

This perky block is one of a set of six for the Sunshine Yahoo Quilt Guild's monthly Block Lotto... it and its friends will go out in the mail on Tuesday to Texas...

How fun is all this - lots to me... tomorrow is a non-quilting day, but on Monday I'll be back at the maching... I have a stack of small charity quilts that are sandwiched and ready for machine quilting, and I am determined to work through the stack - - maybe I'll have some more photos soon!

Happy Labor Day quilting to all...


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