Sunday, September 26, 2010

STUFF is gettin in my way

OK, I'm just gonna gripe this morning - no photos, no nothing - just a quick, short, blog-blast of gripe...

How did life get so darned complicated?

Here it is Sunday morning, and I am inundated with STUFF:
1. Print out label to return shoes to Zappos that did not fit;
2. Purchase a plane ticket for a trip 'back east' in November;
3. Smoke a chicken for later consumption;
4. Tidy up - endless.. endless. endless.
5. Make a grocery list.
6. do laundry.

ARGH!!!!!!! Too much STUFF

I really just want to drink coffee and sew...............

OK - compromise... I'll do one more 'stuff' thing and then go sew...

For an antidote to the griping - it's a stunningly beautiful day. I can see a bluejay in the bird bath - and my CAT can see the bluejay inthe birdbath!!! And this afternoon DH and I are going to a quilt show and an old car show... one for each of us, in the same town!

I'll be back after the quilt show with pics and an improved attitude.



Anonymous said...

Days like that are rough. I set a timer - half an hour of doing stuff, then half an hour of playing. Depending on the day, I adjust those time periods (twenty minutes of doing stuff, an hour of play!). Sometimes it makes all the difference.


Betty K said...

You sound like me. I want to sew not do the other stuff. Something as mundane as getting my pills together for the week or taking the garbbage out to the curb on garage day just adds up to time away from sewing, lol.

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