Sunday, December 26, 2010

and the Harley wins!!

Congratulations to Marjorie, who wins the Day of the Dead fabric!

Marjorie write that she would use the fabric to make a shirt for her DH who rides a "skull
-themed Harley"..........

DH laughed in delight when he read your post, Marjorie... and asked if you would trade the Harley for the fabric!

probably not, huh?

please send me your mailing address to send the fabric! I can't get the link to your email to work, so am posting here as well as on your blog...

Thanks to all who entered - DH and I had a blast reading all the posts and imagining all the different projects you all proposed!

Happy New Year, everyone..


1 comment:

Marjorie said...

I made promises before I checked with Harley Dude. He says that he'd wear the shirt to semi-formal occasions, but not on the bike. As for me...I'm ambivalent about the bike, but I like the costume. What can I say...I look good in leather.

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