Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Box for Wanda

Wanda - this box is on its way to you.. There are some strings, some scraps, and a few fat quarters as well. A few pieces came from my friend Bev Bennett, who would have been very pleased for you to have some of her 'stash'.

I met Wanda online, about a month or so ago. She posted on the Yahoo! Online Groups called Heartstrings... a group that makes string charity quilts.

Wanda's first post puzzled us all. It was confused - the words all seemed to be in the wrong order , and I couldn't understand what she was trying to say. Every few days she would post again, and gradually, we began to understand that Wanda wanted fabric. She was trying to let us know that if we had scraps, or extra strings, that she would like to have them.

We learned from her posts that she had had a stroke, and she told us that although she could not communicate clearly, she could still sew.

From her first note, she made me think - about how tough it would be to lose the ability to communicate clearly - and how unbearable it might be to lose my creative outlet in fabric and quilting.

I'm not the only online group member who has sent fabric to Wanda..

Wanda, this box is for you - enjoy. And thank you for reminding me how much I love the look, feel, and smell of fabric.

In closing, here's a sweet photo of my macho kitty, George... also known as George Rottweiler... he looks pretty passive here, doesn't he? He dearly loves to use yarn as a pillow...

I wish for you each that you have all the fabric you can use, and a ball of yarn for a pillow.


1 comment:

Deb Sews Quilts said...

i remember her posts and think what a nice person you must be to look past her postings and get to her thoughts. Many were not that kind. Merry Christmas1

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