Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Gifts

Merry Merry Christmas Week to you all...

DH and I just got back from a shopping foray in the pouring rain - spent all of $20. The economy won't get better on that, now will it? I will try again another day... I'm sure I can find more to purchase.

Here are two quilts I am mailing out on Monday - they are going to New York City as part of the Bumble Beans initiative to provide 200 quilts to families who are now returning to housing... what a wonderful home for a few quilts!

The lovely string quilt on the left is a Bonnie Hunter pattern from thanks, Bonnie!

And, a small present for all of my friends in cold places, looking out the window at snow and ice... here's what my patio looks like... (although it is raining this weekend).

Yes, this is Northern California - but the temps are in the 50s most days, and my petunias are just blooming like little champions...

Wishing everyone a great week preparing for the holiday.



Barb said...

someone is going to love those quilts....what a wonderful think to do.

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

THANK YOU KATE!!!! Al the best to you! The quilts are going to GREAT homes!

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