Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wed Before a Three-Day Weekend Yippee!!

Happy Wednesday , everyone... 
Next will come Thursday....
And then Friday and IT'S A THREE-DAY WEEKEND
I will be working on this: 
what was this little sliver
 became these arcs:
 and now is this quarter square:
OH, I love these colors...  and will show you more after I go finish the other three parts of this circle-in-a-square.  

I think I will just sew and sew and sew this weekend... sometimes I try to stay up all night and sew - I really don't like to sleep very much, because it is time I could do other things...  usually I crash by 2:00 am, but I have a really fun time sewing and watching movies in the still of the night...

Happy quilting...

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