Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm Taking a Class, Honey

So - you all know how this goes...

me: "Honey, I saw this great quilting class at the LQS" -
him: 'that's nice honey.

me: "it's a great paper-piecing project"
him: is it expensive?
me: oh, no, I will be able to use my stash fabrics...

him: did you finish the project from the last class?
me: silence

him: what about the class before that one?
me: ummmm

So - I paid for the class - ($50.00
I bought some stuff before class ($40.00)
Then I needed some more stuff AT the class ($35.00)

So last night I went to the class - it was an out of town LQS, so it was an hour there, a three hour class, and then an hour home...

So - for FIVE HOURS and $160.00, I have this::::

Only other quilters would understand!!! Actually it was a fabulous class - and this piece is just a small demo of all I learned - and it's a three-week class - why next week I'll have TWO of those !!! I'm sure it will keep us warm when the blizzard comes..

Lord help me but I love this hobby... or is it a sport??? Or are we just nuts??
I'm not sure which.

Happy Quilting, everyone,


Nanci said...

It's why I have my friend Helen....saves me money, but I hate spending money of "their" fabrics when I have stash at home...But, you did meet new people, right?

Marjorie said...

LOL! Ah...the price of continuing education.

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