Monday, August 15, 2011


Hello all - I've been flitting from project to project like a summer honeybee - a taste of this, a taste of that...

While my sister was visiting, she did some tidying in my sewing room, so it inspired me to finally (after a year here) put some things up on the walls. first, two small quilts, from classes in applique taught by Sharon Stroud in Ithaca, New York

Then I am experimenting with hanging rulers on the wall, to see if it helps me find them more easily: Just hanging them helped me get some kind of inventory of what I have.

I quilted this little UFO from the "charity tops" inventory of my Guild -it had been tied, but was still way too floppy, so I just did some simple ditch quilting to firm it up. The Guild had 900 TOPS unfinished !!! We have been working diligently and now only 200 unfinished tops remain - the rest have gone to charity...I discovered a "boo-boo" on the quilt, so appliqued on some frogs to cover the booboos... I'm not at all sure the blue works, but it's better than ravelled seams, now isn't it???

And, I keep working on this Linda Ballard pattern, which I love so much... geese and more geese...

What fun it is to flit from project to project !!!

Hope everyone is having a great August... my birthday is coming soon - I will tell in another post about what lovely thing DH has agreed to order me for my birthday...

Happy Quilting,


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