Monday, April 30, 2012

Hexagon-Stealing Goblins!!!

It's that time again - time to take a "first of the month" photo of the Ginormous Hexagon Quilt.... and I swear it's not any bigger now...  I think Goblins sneak in during the night and remove the hexagons I have just put on !!!!  Seriously, one background corner is finally done - those big patches of cream are just nuts...  and you can see the little skinny piece at the top that frames the top corner.  Wowee, there's still lots to be done, but I am totally committed to finishing this by next March - or I may need to BE COMMITTED !!
 I am loving shadow trapunto, and just finished this little piece - so much fun.. a Geta Gramma pattern from her new book, Shadow Trapunto.  I am thinking of making some designs of my own, and perhaps offering a class...  I have some nice designs of snowflakes and of chinese characters that would make great holiday wall hangings or table runners... now just to find time to do that!
Meanwhile, my quilt room is in total disaster state...  just no way to leave it like that...  so I need some serious intervention there!!!  Actually the cleanup has already begun...

Take care, everyone, and quilt your heart out!!


1 comment:

Vicki W said...

Your hexagon quilt is going to be spectacular!

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