Thursday, April 19, 2012

She Did it With Dignity and Class

 All week I have been thinking about Pat Summitt - if you don't know who she is, you need to Google her.  She just rocked.  She grew up poor, in a backwoods town, with a mean daddy - but she was tall, and she could play basketball - and her family moved across town so she could go to a high school that had a team FOR GIRLS.  And she grew up to be one of the greatest coaches in BASKETBALL HISTORY ............ NOT WOMEN'S BASKETBALL HISTORY - - ALL BASKETBALL HISTORY... 
 I stole the 'data' from the web::

She is the all-time winningest coach in NCAA basketball history of either a men's or women's team in any division. She has been coaching since 1974, all with the Lady Vols, winning eight NCAA national championships, second only to the record 10 titles won by UCLA men's coach John Wooden. Summitt is the only coach in NCAA history, and one of three college coaches overall, with 1,000 victories. She was named the Naismith Basketball Coach of the Century in April 2000. In 2009, the Sporting News placed her number 11 on its list of the 50 Greatest Coaches of All Time in all sports; she was the only woman on the list. In 38 years as a coach, she never had a losing season.

She is sidelined now with early-onset Alzheimer's.  WE ARE ALL STRONGER FOR HER SUCCESSES.   Way to go, Pat ... thumbs up.

........................ today it ain't all about quilting...


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Kathy T. said...

I couldn't agree more...classy lady.

I'm just catching up on blogs after my vacation and I'm so glad to see George eating and lazing the way only a contented cat can do. A little quilt inspection is just the trick to make you feel on top of things (no pun intended!). The low-contrast green quilt is so soothing I want to hug it!

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