Friday, November 2, 2012

Only One Cat "in the Yard"

Hello, my friends

Remember the song "Our House"?  and the line... "with two cats in the yard... "..

. we have always had two cats .... and enjoyed watching them snuggle and love each other...

So, after our long-time kitty family passed away last summer, we planned to adopt TWO kitties... and recently did - you have seen them here.

Sadly, one of them got sick last week, and today we got the dreaded diagnosis of Feline Infectious Peritonitis - one of the most deadly feline diseases - always fatal.  So, we had to say farewell to Gabriel this afternoon.

It was so hard - and I cried and sobbed like a little girl.  Why don't I have a stoic upper lip I can put on... saying goodbye is just so very difficult for me.

Gabriel  May  - November, 2012



Sharon Stroud said...

Kathleen: I'm crying too. Gabriel had an enchanted life from the moment he entered your home; it's sad that his time with you was so short. Pepper Cory had an excellent cat-related story that you may want to read. - the "Tutored in October" post.

Please give DH my best. Be kind to yourself and hug Little Bit for me. Better days must be coming.

The Quilting Elf said...

Oh - I am so sad for you and your family (including little Gloucester). I'm glad Gabriel's last days were with you in a loving home.

Kathy T. in Tampa

merrily row said...

Oh dear Kate, this has been a hard year on you and your dear feline children. My thoughts are with you. I know Gabriel's time with you must have been happy, no matter how short.

It is is such a blessing to see owners make that tough decision to end the suffering. A long distance hug to you. Mary

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