Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Quilt Kitten

Meow, everyone - I am Gloucester...  kitten of the Quilting Professor.   

Don't worry if you don't know how to pronounce Gloucester - no one does except people from Massachusetts...  someone in the rescue shelter must have grown up on the East Coast, because I got an East Coast name!

I prefer to be called BIT... like 'little bit'.  or 'bit o honey',,   or my favorite - I BIT YOU !!!!  

Ma says I need to be a Quilt Kitty.....
What does that mean????

 hmmm - is this what I am supposed to do???

Mom says this quilt is a "Bonnie Hunter"... did someone say HUNT????

Or maybe i am supposed to do this???  Mom says these are 'leftover bits'... BITS??? That's meeee! I'm a BIT - I can nap here.

What on earth is that big machine...with moving parts - I have to work very hard not to jump on it.

ooh, this is my favorite - the kitty tanning bed...

Maybe I will be an Afghan kitty... this is really really soft - - nighty night!!



Sharon Stroud said...

Too cute! Thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sharon, and for your thoughtful comment on my last post. Stay warm up there! Kathleen

Blogger said...

Anybody here needs a FREE MC DONALD'S GIFTCARD?

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