Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hello and Happy pre-Thanksgiving to you all!

Since DH retired recently, he is in charge of Thanksgiving dinner - I told him we could go out and eat, or even get a pre-done dinner from Boston Market, and I would be happy, but he has decided instead to do the whole thing - turkey and trimmings!!!  yippee... actually the leftovers will be fabulous...  for a long time... :)

First a couple of photos of my whole-cloth work - not great photos... I have not mastered photos of this yet...  but I am loving this -  the colored part is from the original fabric - a vintage linen with hand-painted flowers on it... this is so much fun...  my new favorite thing!!


AND NOW - my bizarre kitty photo - now, I ask, does this cat have its head on upside down???

Don't call the Humane Society - she just did this herself - turned over half of her body and slept in this amazing position...  awoke and righted herself, and put her head back on the right way!!
 My new kitties are learning to be quilting helpers... although it takes great self control not to jump up and grab the thread!!!
 This little charity quilt got quilted yesterday - it's a lovely soft yello - not this screamin yellow!!! 
 andI am framing some crumb blocks - I have bins of crumb blocks - well, why have them if I'm not going to use them... stay tuned!!

Happy Thanksgiving prep to everyone !!!! 
I can't wait for four days off from work... yippee...



Vicki W said...

Your wholecloth is spectacular!

Denise Russell said...

Agree - beautiful work! It is so fun having company, huh? My cat sits on my quilting chair every time I get up to iron a block. After a while, she is ready to bite me - how do I dare keep moving her out over and over again?!!!

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