Monday, January 21, 2013

Back to normal..............

What a great and fabulous three-day weekend !!!!  So sad to see it end... boohoo.

I worked a lot on infrasture - you know, pre-cutting, putting on some bindings, making a label - all stuff that takes time but does not show up on a 'finishes' blog!!

I did make some major progress on my "Easy Street"  - the color is off in this photo - taken at night, oranges never photograph correctly, but...  I thinkI am going to make it a three by three row quilt, rather than four by four -  more of a wall hanging than a full quilt.. I will sleep on it!!

 Lots of time was spent today watching the inauguration...  As you see here, Gloucester was particularly interested in the car called "The Beast"...  fortunately, the Beast did not try to jump out and get us!
 Kitty antics continued with her trying to put her entire head in my small purse...  which of course ended up with the purse on the floor!!

 As you can see, she is camped out on the never-ending hexagon quilt... so let me get to working on that... finish deadline is May 1...  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can............
Friday I go to Road to California to see my quilt hanging and to take a class with the fabulous Cindy Needham - there will be lots of photos!!!!

Tomorrow it's back to Jury Duty and my regular job after court adjourns... 

Happy Quilting,


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