Sunday, January 20, 2013

Describe your Favorite Quilty Day

How would you describe your favorite quilty day??

Is your favorite a day when you focus on one project, making massive progress on piecing, or quilting, or even finishing??

Is your favorite a day with quilt activities shared with friends???  Going to a guild meeting, a quilt show, your LQS??? 

Or is your favorite a day when you wear your sweatpants and socks all day, and work a bit on this, a bit on that, jumping from one project to another when the spirit moves you to work with bold colors, or to machine quilt, or to press and cut? 

Well, I had one of those last ones today - a bit of this, a bit of that...  I machine quilted this little 'I Spy" quilt - it's got "boy" things on it, so hopefully will serve the deficit of boy quilts - still needs binding now.  It will be a charity quilt, not sure to whom yet.

Mostly I worked on this scrappy pineapple - with little paper pieced 5 inch squares - oh my I love making these squares...  I just love having only tiny, tiny pieces left over to go into the trash...  and this is just gonna be gorgeous.  Pattern from Bonnie Hunter - "Pineapple Crazy".
 And kittens played all day - they have a routine now - breakfast, then play til noon - romping, fighting, running at breakneck speeds...  then at noon they sleep for five hours, followed by dinner, and more sleep .  Then at the stroke of Eleven PM, they go nuts again - just when we want to sleep!!!!  oh well, I love them too much to be annoyed.    That's my Orca Bay quilt they are playing on - I am still quilting on it!!!One day it will be finished...  lots of ditch work there.
Well, it was a great day - and there is still tonight to make hexagons and attach to the hexagon quilt, which I have set a completion date for -  May .... yippee --  (top only)...  hard to believe the top might be finished!!! 

Well, pardon me for rambling on and on...  Happy MLK and Inauguration Day to you tomorrow!!


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