Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oh my, Oh my, Easy Street Progress

Oh my, Oh my...  I have one block of the Bonnie Hunter "Easy Street" mystery finished...

I made bold color choices, and really worried that it would be a) gaudy;  b) lacking definition;  , or worst, that it would turn into color vomit!!!

 Surprise, surprise - I think I like it!!!  Will show more as I get more done...

Meanwhile will close with some cutie kitten photos... Mystic napping in the "parts" to the mystery quilt, at the end of the sewing machine... he always keeps me company when I sew; 
 and Gloucester, who just looked so incredibly naked and exposed in her sleep-time pose that we just had to cover up her private parts with a dish towel...  isn't this just the weirdest pose for her to sleep in????  oh to sleep that soundly.
Weekend starts tonight - yes, I have declared Friday the FIRST day of the weekend - it's all in the attitude!!

Having great fun quilting,


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