Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weekend Sewing Rambles

Geese?  Did someone say Geese?  Geese taste yummy, if you can just catch them as they go through the sewing machine!!!!

 Harder to eat them once they are sewn into this Lotto block for the Sunshine Guild - this month is "florals"...
 What a great weekend.   Kitties played outside in their playpen tent.
 Hummingbirds sucked up fresh nectar,
 and we got our potted arrangements planted... so fun!

I made some good progress on the handkerchief quilt named "Victoria"...  there's be more to show tomorrow, but I am really liking this

And this three-year old UFO finally got bound - this was a Mystery Quilt from The Quiltbug in Esperance, NY... 

And, as Scarlett said in Gone With the Wind - "tomorrow is another day" - - more quilting to come!!!!



1 comment:

Sara said...

Jealous of that hummingbird shot! We have ours up and ready and no hummers yet:(

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