Sunday, May 19, 2013

The "NO FUN" Point

Hi everyone -  

In every quilt, there comes a moment when it stops being as much fun - when the newness of the colors and pattern are done, and it's just doing more  to fill up the space of the quilt...  well, I knew when I had two gigantic tiny-pieced quilts going, that they would both reach that point at the same time -

ugh,  I am there..................  I love this pineapple quilt, pattern from Bonnie Hunter... (by the way that middle vertical seam is not sewn yet, that's why it looks out of line... I am building it in two halves and then will sew it together... 

 To take my mind off the pineapples, I finished up this charity quilt for the Sunshine Guild - someone else made the top, I quilted and bound.  It's all finished and is taking a trip through the washing machine just now.
 and my little cactus that I have had for three years suddenly burst into bloom - the first bloom we have ever seen on this plant!

Well, I think it's just time for a Sunday afternoon nap - it's a beautiful Sunday afternoon here, with a cool breeze through the house...  Kittens are asleep.  What smart kittens!! 



Carol E. said...

That pineapple quilt would take me 80 years!

Elaine Adair said...

YOU might be tired of it, but I/ME/ELAINE ADAIR sure loves looking at it. Perhaps the weariness of that large quilt would wear off if you sent it to ME! LOLOL

I made one a few years ago, and could NOT stop making it. Every morning I'd make another block before going to work, but it was NOT as large or as beautiful as yours. Mine even won a first prize at our Quilt Show, surprisingly.

I really want to make YOURs as well - it is so beautiful!!!

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