Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday Potpourri

WOW - yesterday was just a very very interesting day...

First, DH offered to iron - - yes, IRON...  he said he would iron as long as the Indianapolis 500 was on TV....  that's HOURS of IRONING...  oh wow... 

 Kittens decided to help....they thought it was 'make a tent day'.

OK, so I guess that's not really DH above, but a web shot , ha!)  But the kitten shot was real.  One of the ironing conditions was "you can't put my photo on your blog!"   

I gave him a shoe-box full of tangled, wrinkled scraps - and 200 laps later, I had a fabulous pile of sharply pressed fabric!  And then I went to work on some paper piecing, and periodically he ironed that, too!

And now I am trying to figure out how to make this happen again...  hmmm... football season?

He did ask last night "honey, do you have more scraps that need to be ironed?  I said quietly, 'oh, maybe a few'....  OH MY LORD, i have giant bins of scraps from my early quilting days when I did not know that if you put those suckers away in a bin, that's where they stay until forever....

The other interesting news from yesterday - I AM GOING ON A TRAIN TRIP.  I love train trips.  I have taken a couple of long train trips - one in Alaska, and one down the California coast last year.  Oh it is the most pleasant way to travel.  Fast it is not... but relaxing... oh yes.  Let's see you hand-sew, then you eat, then you hand-sew, eat again, hand-sew, eat.... watch a movie, eat, hand-sew!

This time I am going from San Francisco to Denver... across the Sierra Nevadas and the Rockies...  it should be fabulously beautiful... 32 hours.... sleeping overnight.  In July.  It's a business trip, but I am taking one vacation day to compensate for the train time.   I will feel guilty for the extra time it takes... I will get over it!  There will be photos.  Since we plan to move back east in a few years, I must enjoy the West at every opportunity. 

So - Happy Memorial Day Monday...  I have so many things I want to do today - sewing, of course, and all those little chores I had planned to do this weekend but have not even begun!

Sorry to be so wordy today - if you need visuals, scroll back up to the man-cake above. And have a lovely holiday.


1 comment:

Carol E. said...

ahem... if that were your real DH ... we'd be asking you to share him for ironing services at our houses, too... maybe we will anyway!

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