Friday, March 16, 2012

A Fun Little Finish and Happy News!

Hi everyone - the "real life"and the "day job" have been keeping me busy...  but I finished up one little fun project...  a shadow trapunto piece...I have a big one of these started, too - it's really fun...I did a little micro swirl on this piece, inspired by the Machine Quilting Challenge - see the button over to the right - ------------------------------------->

Third month in the challenge, and I am already feeling sooooo much more confident!!

And, since I have hexagons on the brain, I had to laugh when I saw this picture... amazing what a hexagon can be made into!! Can you see the hexies on the side of this tank - wow!
On other news, The Quilting Professor is SOOOO pleased to report that she will be staying in California a bit longer...  when DH and I moved here, we knew only that we would be here for two years... this week we learned we will stay here - indefinitely...

We are very happy - today we started clearing out the garage of all those piled up cardboard boxes from the move - it was great to see them go...  I am going to replace all those boxes with some lovely shelves where I can put QUILTING STUFF that is now in stacked boxes... yippee  - a new step up in quilting... 

Happy weekend to everyone - it's chilly and rainy here, so it's great for quilting!!


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