Monday, March 24, 2014

Special Work for Spring Break !


I have to work a bit - just three mornings - so I have LOTS OF TIME TO SEW !!!

So, I could finish some ongoing projects...

Or I could start something new......

NEW, NEW, NEW !!!  Well, almost new. 

I shared this one a while back, when it was just in the planning it is further along.  The vertical lines are basting lines of wash-away thread, so ignore them.  

The first step is to outline stitch all the existing embroidery - even the little wispy stuff...  it makes it pop... here it is almost finished. 

The pheasant is all stitched, and the maple leaf border is stitched, too.  Next I can spray with water and watch the blue lines disappear !!!!  then I have some lovely vintage trim to put along the edges of the pillowcase.  

This is my favorite part of the process - working the 'bones' - seeing the original design come to life.  
What a fun way to start my week of SPRING BREAK !!!!!

Stay tuned - progress it the theme of the week...

Kate, the Happy Quilting Professor

1 comment:

Empty Closet Quilting said...

Always such lovely work, enjoy your break!

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