Saturday, January 31, 2015


Hi and Happy Saturday !!!! 

It's a gorgeous day here in California (with apologies to people in places like Minnesota and New York...:)  )

I am having a fabulous time designing a new linen piece...  want to see inside that process? 

OK, here goes...

I just took over space in the living room - - that was one of the few rooms that had nothing quilting in it - - oh well, heck, who needs a living room, anyway ????  And yes, that a dining chair, but we don't use the dining room table any more, so I may as well use the chair, don't ya think? 

I bought a drafting table not too long ago, and I love it.  I draw patterns on it, I draft out ideas, and I mark on cloth.... and if I put the lamp under it, it becomes a huge light board...

 You can see the piece I am marking up.  It's a gorgeous piece of vintage madeira linen, with beautiful colored embroidery.

I use the blue disappearing pen - but I do have a tip for you - I buy blue pens from a lady named Jill Schumacher at

I don't know why Jill's pens are so much better than others - but THEY ARE !! They mark better, and last a lot longer .   So there, go visit her web site and see for yourself. 

 Stop by later and maybe this quilt be all marked up !  Kate

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