Thursday, October 24, 2019

Blizzard !!!!

WOW - look who visited my yard this morning !!!

yep, it's a white squirrel.  He's not an albino - you can see the eyes are not pink, and he has some gray color on his head, ears, and back.

Here's a better face shot:

And look how beautiful he is in the sun !!!

We've seen him four times now, twice eating seeds from our bird feeder, so we have proclaimed him a family member and i call him Blizzard.

There are colonies of white squirrels in various locations in the US, one of the most notable in the town of Brevard, NC, which is near where i live...

Welcome to the family, Blizzard !


Marlene said...

OMG he is amazing. We do not have squirrels in New Zealand but have seen them in Europe but to see a white one is incredible. Love his name.

Louise said...

He's so handsome! I'm sure it must be VERY good luck to have a white squirrel in your yard :)

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